Abdul Rahman Al Qadir Group developed in the contracting sector after eight years of gaining a reputation of excellence. The Group also succeeded in conducting qualitative projects in the governmental and private sectors, and in various fields, including the military, residential, and service sectors of hotels, hospitals, etc. until it became one of the specialised contracting companies of the EPC projects. In the same footsteps, another dedicated organisation was established in partnership with a Cyprus Company for deep-water drilling for oil, gas and agriculture. Hence, the first specialised sector in the Group was introduced and classified today as one of the five largest drilling wells companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the number of drilling groups reached 12, and those groups are capable of drilling at depths of up to 2500 meters.

We want to continue to be an international reference in the sectors we operate, aligned with the best market practices on every level, striving for permanent innovation, assuming a strong identity, recognised technical skills and providing a service of excellence to clients and to the communities we serve.



Munshaat Global Holding Company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in general contracting, real estate development, water services, well drilling, and engineering consultancy services.

We have a strong and comprehensive network of business partners across the Kingdom. We recognize our shareholders as a key corporate asset and are committed to building a long-term relationship with our investors.

Following its roots to Abdulrahman Al Abdulqader Establishment which founded in 1974 by its founder Mr. Abdulrahman Al Abdulqader.

The establishment are expert and specialized in water services and well drilling and the very first dedicated sector which executed most of its successful projects in governmental and private sectors all over the kingdom, the establishment starts with two drilling rigs with a maximum of two qualified teams and now it is considered one of the most significant certified contractors in drilling and ranked among top five companies in the Kingdom according to Contractor Classification Agency in the Ministry of Water and other governmental and semi-governmental sectors such as Saudi Aramco, The Royal Commission in Jubail and Yanbu.

Following its continuous accomplishment, the establishment expanded its services and that was the start of the construction sector in 1982 under the name of “Abdulrahman Al Abdulqader Company for Trading and Contracting Ltd.”. The construction sector was later managed by the second generation of the family. The construction sector is focused on EPC Projects that primarily involved in complex industrial and infrastructure projects. The construction sector is successfully delivered certain specialized design, constructions, and industrial equipment to private and public entities.

In 1995, another dedicated subsidiary was established which specialized in real estate development. We have acquired an excellent reputation with our clients and partners built on trust and commitment to our work. Our latest partnership was with the Ministry of Housing to build more than 200 Off-Plan Housing in Al Khobar Eastern Province.

Around 2007 the companies are completely handed over to the second generation of the family and it was led by Eng. Zakariya Al Abdulqader the founder of Al Abdulqader Engineering Consultancy Office, An Independent firm and one of the Subsidiaries of the Holding Company which specialized in Engineering Services and certified in Arbitration and Engineering Legal Services.