Logo History

It all started with the dream of building a better future for the Kingdom


Mr. Abdulrahman Al Abdulqader (Founder of AAQE the first specialized Entities of Munshaat Global Holding Company).

AAQE Established in Abqiq, Launching its own project with the Saudi Aramco.


Established a joint venture with the international drilling company in Cyprus. That was the start of the first Specialized Sector


The start of Construction Sector executing governmental projects.


Real Estate Sector was Established and with its first project “Al Ahsa Hotel” which is own by the Group.


Drilling Sector achieved more than 1,000 drilling sites all over the Kingdom, specializing on Drilling with a depth of more than 2,000 meters by the lead of Mr. Khalid Al Abdulqader, the son of the founder.


Handling over the leadership of the company to the second generation of the family.

Re-structure of Business to Establish strong business relationship with the group, clients, and investors.


Construction Sector becomes specialized in EPC Projects.


Established of “Munshaat Global Company” which is dedicated and committed on specialized & Industrial Contacting Projects.


Establishment of “Engineering Consultancy Firm” the Engineering arm of the group.


The Group becomes certified as a real estate developer on off-plan projects.


Launching of two Off-Plan Housing Project with the partnership of Ministry of Housing and Private Sector.